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Abortion 101: How to Conclude Your Pregnancy with Abortion Pills


Pregnancy can be a dream come true for some and a nightmare for others. They can be a subject of dread if the person conceiving hasn’t planned or prepared for it. Therefore, many women buy abortion pill or services, if they feel they do not have any other option.

What is Medical abortion?

The process of aborting through medication is made up of two stages and can be safely done within 10 weeks of gestation period. The initial part involves a drug named Mifepristone which is a hormone progesterone antagonist. The pill introduces hormones in the body which prevent the production of the uterine wall that is crucial for keeping the embryo attached. In absence of this hormone the uterine lining breaks down and the pregnancy cannot be continued.

The second stage involves another drug named Misoprostol, which is an ecbolic medication and prostaglandin analogue by nature. The medication is taken buccally (in the cheek pouches) and dissolved naturally in the mouth. Misoprostol can also be administered vaginally.

The cramping and bleeding that is needed to complete the procedure usually begins two hours or less after taking the tablets. Some women take longer, but that is no reason to worry.

What should I do to prepare for my abortion?

Here are some common questions asked about preparation before hand –

  • Can you drink anything prior to taking medication?

It is strictly advised to NOT drink for one day (24 hours) before taking the first dosage as well as 24 hours before second dosage. You need to follow the instructions specifically, therefore it is necessary that you remain alert while going through the procedure.

  • I am bleeding, what should I do?

Spotting and light bleeding is very common especially in the first trimester of the pregnancy. This is called implantation bleeding as the pregnancy is embedded into the endometrium lining. Therefore, it is necessary to have an ultrasound to see the location of pregnancy (if it’s actually inside the womb) and to confirm the gestational time, i.e. how old is your pregnancy. If your bleeding heavily, it is recommended to see a doctor for medical assessment.

  • I am in pain, what should I do?

Mild abdominal cramps are common in early pregnancies as the womb starts to grow into the pelvic region. If it’s the case of mild abdominal pain, you can still take the abortion pills. If the pain is persistent, you can take painkillers.

  • What should I keep with me while going through the procedure?
  1. A stock of sanitary pads
  2. Painkillers and medication to counter side effects
  3. Comfortable clothes, pillows
  4. Heating pads and bottles
  5. Thermometer
  6. A friend / partner

Does medical abortion hurt?

The medical abortion does not require any tools, anesthesia or anything invasive like surgical methods.  This is one of the main reason why women prefer to order abortion pills. The procedure however, does bring some discomfort like cramps and bleeding. Other side effects many include vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and excessive bleeding. These effects, however can be countered easily through anti-emetic, anti-inflammatory drugs and blood coagulants if necessary.Tags: Abortion Pill Online, buy abortion pills

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