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Abortion Pill Pack : Safe Abortion USA

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Abortion Pill Pack makes the termination of unwanted pregnancy easier yet effective. This pack contains Mifepristone which acts as a primary tablet and a secondary pill named Misoprostol. Mifepristone initiates with blockade to the progesterone, which is a pregnancy hormone. This makes the widening of cervix and it will stop developing pregnancy parts. This happens because fetus gets separated from the ruptured lining of uterus and which is lacking oxygen and required nutrition. Misoprostol must be consumed after the Mifepristone pill. This medication is a prostaglandin analogue which leads to the contractions of the womb. When uterus contracts it tries to reveal out or pushes out the pregnancy remaining. During this women experience heavy bleeding and cramps for couple of hours or days.



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What does Abortion Pill Pack : Safe Abortion USA is made of?

This package must be practiced in the duration of initial 7-9 weeks of pregnancy, which yields best results along with safety. Buy Abortion Pill Florida. The package contains 5 types of medicine in total. Mifepristone( primary pill), Misoprostol(secondary pill), Anti-inflammatory, Antiemetic, Blood Coagulant tablet.

Dosage procedure for Abortion Pill Pack : Safe Abortion USA

If a woman wants to take this medication then she must not be greater than 9 weeks of pregnant. Both Mifepristone and Misoprostol tablets helps to terminate the pregnancy completely. The package also contains some other pills which help to treat any side effects.


Initially orally one must consume Mifepristone (200mg) pill with water. For quicker results women are advised to take this pill in an empty stomach. This tablet contains synthetic steroid helpful for avoiding the progesterone hormone from rising the fetus. Pregnancy gets terminated when the lining of uterus breaks and the fetus gets separated from the endometrial support.


There will be 4 pills of Misoprostol (200mcg each tablet) . Total of 800mcg tablets will be present in the package. One should start taking this medicine after 3 days of intake of the Mifepristone tablet. These pills must be taken by keeping them under the tongue. This tablet must not be chewed, broken, crushed or swallowed. Once the tablet melts under the tongue within 30 minutes then swallow it without water. Immediately the tablet starts the contraction of uterus and from the womb it starts expelling the pregnancy parts. Hence the pregnancy will be terminated. If you face any side effects then you should intake the additional medicines given in the package.



If you experience symptoms like vomiting or nausea then take this tablet to prevent adverse effect. This should be taken at the dosage of 4mg. As soon as you intake this medication it avoids some chemicals in your body which causes vomiting and nausea.

Flexon MR

During the end of pregnancy, contraction of womb takes place leading to stomach pain and cramps. This medication plays a role of muscle relaxant to avoid the pain, discomforts, abdomen spasm.


If a women feels heavy bleeding while emptying the womb, loss of blood will be more than the usual periods. If you want to control the bleeding take this tablet. Ethamsylate 250mg tablet minimizes the blood loss. The Abortion Pill Pack is a complete package of medication that helps to terminate the pregnancy in a safety manner. This is the best way to terminate unwanted pregnancy non-surgically. This can be done at home easily with no complications involved.

Side Effects

Abortion Pill Pack does not cause any severe side effects. During this medication one must avoid consumption of alcohol and smoking. Some of the observed side effects are dizziness, loss of appetite, vomiting, stomach ache, queasiness, faster heartbeat rate, exhaustion, weakness in the body. These symptoms will not continue for long time.

Abortion Pill Pack : Safe Abortion USA

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10 reviews for Abortion Pill Pack : Safe Abortion USA

  1. Stephanine

    I received my order after 2 days. I was worried a lot. I gave all information and my card was also not charged. I received confirmation email with the link for payment. It was the last thing i was worried about. Finally i got the thing.

  2. Haupp

    Just wanted to be thank you for being so kind and helpful to me. Staff being professional had also comforted me. You all are so amazing bunch of thanks.

  3. Camilia

    Purchasing Abortion Pill pack proved to be the best option for me as i could terminate my pregnancy with ease at home.

  4. Trembly.O.S.

    They’re just so friendly and very efficient. Live chat person knows exactly what to do, exactly how soon I want it shipped.

  5. Nieli gave much more than expected. Extremely helpful people. Truly trustworthy site.

  6. Eliana Morris

    Never felt so relieved and happy. Now I can move on and forget about this horrifying chapter. I’m glad I trusted you.

  7. Benedek Eszti

    My boyfriend and I are very happy today, as we were much tensed regarding my unplanned pregnancy. All thanks to this site! They provided me the abortion pills I had ordered in an exact given time. This had helped me a lot in terminating my first trimester pregnancy on time.

  8. Jordon.F

    Most important staff was great. They treated me with respect.

  9. Kayla

    I am 23 year old single women who have just started my first job. I found I was 3 weeks pregnant one week ago, now I have just finished my studies and I can’t afford to take care of a child. So, I ordered the Abortion Pill Pack, and took the pills as instructed. Now that I have confirmed the end of the pregnancy, I feel unbelievably free and relieved.

  10. Ruth B. Brown

    I have been buying birth control pills from online pharmacy for a long time, but no other customer service has attended to me like the one on this website. My compliments to the customer help team.

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