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Plan B

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Morning after pill ( Levonorgestrel) is a progestin-only containing pill that is an oral form of emergency contraceptive for women. This tablet can be used after an accidental unprotected intercourse like missed/failed birth control or a broken condom etc. The drug is used to prevent pregnancy; however it can only be used after 24-72 hours of intercourse. It must be noted that Plan B pill is an emergency contraceptive and cannot be used to cancel an existing pregnancy. Therefore, do not buy Plan B for cancelling pregnancy, and do not confuse it with abortion pills. Additionally, it is not a routine contraceptive medicine like birth control, it is for emergencies only. If the menstrual cycle is delayed for more than a week or more, a pregnancy test should be done.



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Why buy Plan B online?

Also called the ‘morning after pill’, this is one of the most trusted forms of emergency contraception. It boasts of 99% case of effectively preventing pregnancies after unprotected intercourse. It must be noted that this drug does not protect one from infection or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Plan B online is available at much lower costs but in a good quality. Additionally you can order it at whatever quantity required. It is a quick solution for family planning and pregnancy control.

Plan B pill working

Emergency contraception takes effect by preventing ovulation or stopping fertilization of the egg. Therefore this drug may work according to where you are in your cycle. It may – delay or prevent your ovulation or it will interfere with the fertilization of the egg by altering the cycle of sperm to the matured ovaries. With the second one, it is possible that it prevents implantation by causing shedding of endometrium and altering the uterus lining.

Emergency contraceptive should not be confused with RU-486. The latter cancels an existing pregnancy that is progressed up to 10-12 weeks. As emergency contraceptive needs to consumed within 24-72 hours, therefore one need to buy online and keep a stock for quick consumption.


Take it as soon as possible after an unprotected intercourse. Morning after pill is it most effective in early stages, therefore preferable it should be taken within the day. It is however effective up to 3 days – that is 72 hours after the unprotected sex.

It is consumed orally with water, anytime during the menstrual cycle. In case you vomit within two hours of taking the pill, the former dosage must be repeated.

How to take

It is available at many local drug store as well as online pharmacies. You can decide to if

  • Missed your birth control/ birth control was not effective
  • Didn’t use / broke condom
  • Diaphragm has slipped out of place
  • Forgot to insert a vaginal ring / apply a patch
  • Forced sex

Plan B pill does not prevent pregnancy if it is taken before the intercourse. Further, you should not, if

  • You are pregnant
  • Have a recent medical history of extreme vaginal bleeding that has not been evaluated by the doctor
  • If you have a history of allergies or are hypersensitive to Plan B’s ingredients.
  • If you weigh over 165 pounds (in such cases buy at doctor’s prescription).

Side effects and warning

Every medicine has mild to strong side effects. Therefore after you take it, you may experience some of the side effects mentioned below

  • Some of the mild effects include nausea, headache, tiredness, stomach cramps. These however disappear quickly. If they are not mild and do not subside after some time, you must contact a doctor.
  • Do not Buy Plan B if you have diabetes or have ectopic pregnancy. It is generally recommended to get a professional consultation if you have already conceived before using Plan B.
  • It needs to be stored in a cool and dry place or at room temperature (20-25 Degree Celsius/ 68-77 F).

Plan B Drug interactions

Herbal medicines and drugs including enzyme metabolizing progestin, CYP3A4 can decrease plasma concentrations of Plan B and decrease its effectiveness, some of the drug interaction include

  • Non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors
  • HIV protease inhibitors and Topiramate
  • Griseofulvin/Carbamazepine/Oxcarbazepine

Accessing Plan B online

It is available in several quantity kit and priced accordingly on this online pharmacy. Therefore, you can browse and order these pills at your convenience.

Plan B Effectiveness

To confirm if the pill worked, you must see if your next menstrual cycle is on time.

Buy mtpkit fast shipping with overnight delivery in USA.


10 reviews for Plan B

  1. Tattdupjerr

    I always use ovral contraceptive pills, but I saw that this site offered them at a very low price, now I will start ordering it from here.

  2. Reoona

    My boyfriend and I are very happy today, as we were much tensed regarding my unplanned pregnancy. All thanks to this site! They provided me the abortion pills I had ordered in an exact given time. This had helped me a lot in terminating my first trimester pregnancy on time

  3. Annette

    I bought the most efficient Plan B emergency contraceptive from here in cost sensitive price.

  4. Cubein

    This site is very genuine. I received the abortion medicines at a very low cost with high quality. Because the pills had really worked well on me! So I am able to say this confidently.

  5. Traci Rios

    My boyfriend and I have quite a good love life. Therefore, there are times I need Plan B in case I forget a pill or two. Thank you for providing a service where I can buy plan B anonymously and in the privacy of my home.

  6. Wilma G

    I had an unprotected intercourse with my partner and it all happened in the hit of the moment. I panicked as hell and started searching for plan B option. Was glad to find it on this site that too with overnight shipping option.

  7. Riley

    The Plan B worked well, i would recommend for guys to have one stored too, just in case your girl doesn’t have one.

  8. J. Richards

    Thank you guys for being patient with me and answering all the questions. I completed the procedure weeks ago- it was really scary but because of your guidance I did it perfectly. I can’t express my gratitude enough.

  9. Victoria

    I have been buying birth control pills from online pharmacy for a long time, but no other customer service has attended to me like the one on this website. My compliments to the customer help team.

  10. Belinda J. Wilson

    Plan b is like a blessing for me. I remember, I have ordered it before a month, till now I am secure from an unwanted pregnancy. Honestly say, I am enjoying my sexual life with my partner without any worry. Thank you, online team, for guiding me about the family planning in a proper way.

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